Vigla Pisoderiou - Florina

  • Distance: 21.4 km
  • Duration:
  • Elevation Profile: show


Long but very beautiful hike through forests with large sections on paths.


From the ski center at Vigla pass follow the track that ascends south to a saddle below Loutzer peak. Leave the road to take the signed trail to the peak with fine views of Varnountas and Vitsi mountains and remnants of the civil war. Continue on the ridge descending steeply at places to reach a deep saddle with beautiful meadow. There is a junction here, where a path to the left descends through forests to Alona (signpost at the edge of the forest).

Continue on the ridge with small up and downs. In places the path disappears for a few meters under tall grass and ferns but as soon as you keep close to the ridge there should not be a problem. Finally it becomes a jeep track that descends to the saddle “Derveni” where E4 joins.

Continue straight (north-east) following the dirt road descending into the forest. Soon you come to a junction where you should continue straight on a minor track and immediately turn right on a logging path where you should pass a few E6 signs. Continue downhill eventually emerging out of the forest and move at its edge on a wide eroded path that terminates before a fountain and a wide forest road. Cross the road towards Panagia chapel ahead and turn left along its wall on a faint footpath. Soon it becomes clear until it comes out of the forest where it disappears again (there are a few signs). Head for a shallow gully where the path is clear again and enter the forest now without any difficulties. Join the main road and follow it for about 1km. Then turn left on a jeep track and immediately right on a narrow footpath slightly overgrown at the beginning. Continue through forest to join the road once more until you reach Agios Georgios chapel on your left.

Veer right on a signed path to join the road for the final time just before a fountain and leisure area. The rest is on the road for about 3km concluding at the western edge of the town. Go right following Ioanninon street and then Gotsi street past the bridge to join the main avenue that will bring you to the center of Florina,


There is plenty of hotels and shops  in Florina.


There is inconsistent and insufficient marking on the second leg of the route after Derveni.


There are regular bus services to Thessaloniki, Kastoria and beyond.


The route contains high altitude sections that maybe under snow from late October to early May.


Anavasi map "Prespa - Vitsi - Voras" (1:50000)