Perithori - Dasoto

  • Distance: 22.7 km
  • Duration:
  • Elevation Profile: show


The route avoids the short direct road between the villages. To do so one has to walk over two saddles accumulating an altitude gain of more than 800m. Nevertheless the route contains a few very beautifull sections, such as the descend from Kikla forestry huts along Lagorema stream and has been recently cleared and signposted.


If you are starting from Perithori village head west along the broad valley, and old terraces to reach a junction before the ruins of a WWII military camp. The section coming from Kato-Vrontou joins here from the left. Turn right and continue uphill along the partly shaded broad track to a saddle. There are a few unsigned junctions designated on the map which should not confuse you. Continue on the main track now gently downhill and through wonderful beech forest to reach the forestry huts at Kikla. It is a nice place with water for camping or having a break.

Leave the main dirt road and turn right along a smaller track downhill (or follow a path by a pen along the ridge) with nice views of Orvilos mountain. After 1.5 km turn right and descend to the stream ahead (Lagorema). You will find there the first E6 sign. Turn left along a footpath on the left bank of the stream and into the forest. The path is narrow and a bit overgrown at places while the signposting is sparse. If you lose it just continue along the stream and you will certainly emerge on it again later. The route is wild and lonely with plenty of evidence for wild boar activity. After a while the path comes down to the stream where it becomes broad and clear (probably replaced by a logging path). Continue along the stream crossing it four times to join a forest road among potato and bean fields and finally come before the large stream coming from Vathitopos. Cross it (shoes off, difficult early in the season) and continue between the two fields ahead to join the Vathitopos-Perithori road.

Turn right along the road, but after 100m turn left again along a track and immediately left along a small track into the pine forest (sufficiently signposted). Start the ascend with several switchbacks to reach a beautiful meadow on a ridge. Continue along an overgrown, but still comfortably passable logging path along the ridge. There is a quite steep and tiring section before the path becomes more gentle ending before a telco tower. Join a gravel track behind it and follow it downhill for the rest unattractive 4km to emerge at Dasoto village.


There is not much in Dasoto. Head on to Nevrokopi.


Generally sufficient but sparse signposting of the middle section of the route (Kikla to Dasoto telco tower). Missing at several key junctions elsewhere.


Taxi or bus to Nevrokopi.