This site is an effort to map and survey the Greek part of the E6 European long distance trail.

E6 is a European long distance path crossing Europe from Finland to Greece. The Greek section crosses northern Greece from the port of Igoumenitsa by the Ionian sea to Alexandroupoli near the border with Turkey, and is more than 1000km long.

The original routing of the trail was done in the 80s probably by tracing over military maps, the only maps available at that time. Its implementation was assigned to local authorities and was soon faced with difficulties since many of the trails on paper were in disuse or impassable.  Several sections have not been signposted at all or were re-routed along roads. No documentation was published and the trail was never taken seriously from the small Greek hiking community.

Several things changed since then. The hiking community has increased, several trails have been cleared  and signposted, and many of them have been surveyed with GPS devices. New high quality hiking maps have been published. Thus, the time was ripe for this undertaking.