Agios Germanos - Vigla Pisoderiou

  • Distance: 27.7 km
  • Duration:
  • Elevation Profile: show


This long but beautiful hike  traverses the Varnountas range over two high passes of approximately 2000m. The start and end of the hike is through dense beech forest while the middle section is over alpine pastures with nice views and a carpet of wild flowers early in the summer. Unfortunately the route follows nowadays mostly the forest road since the old footpaths shown on some maps have become overgrown.


Starting from Agios Germanos square follow the main road uphill and then turn right by Petrino guesthouse following some signs. Continue on a track that soon enters the forest and ascents with a large switchback to the ridge by Profitis Ilias chapel. You may come here by following a very steep and poorly signposted path just 1km after the village. Now, the old path continues on the ridge and joins the road higher on (it becomes clear once you get into the forest). Eventually reach a saddle and alpine pastures. Looking back there should be nice views of the lakes, and below the saddle there is a cow stall and water trough.


Continue on the road that traverses the Bela Voda slopes with several springs and abundant with wild flowers early in the summer to reach another saddle below Pineritsa peak and its wind farm. Enjoy views to Vitsi mountain and Pisoderi village. Continue on a wider track and start descending soon through forests to join the main paved road at Vigla pass.


In Vigla there is only a restaurant but there are a few hotels, restaurants and shop  in Pisoderi which is about 3km from the pass and Antartiko further on. Alternatively take a taxi or the bus to Florina.


Until Pineritsa pass the signposting is very sparse. After that there are some wooden signposts at junctions.


There is a bus going from Florina to Prespes region three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). It leaves from Florina early in the morning and in the early afternoon. Do check with the bus office (+30 23850 22430) for exact schedule.


The route contains high altitude sections that maybe under snow from late October to early May.


Anavasi map "Prespa - Vitsi - Voras" (1:50000)